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, evacuations were ordered for cities up and down the west coast. joining us by phone freelance reporter gavin blair. this is a massive quake. these images are frightening. tell us what happened. >> reporter: it was about 2:45 friday afternoon, the quake started, as many quakes that do hit japan started, didn't seem anything out of the ordinary. the situation became more violent. and the sways were going on longer and it became clear it was not a regular quake like the kind we experience a few times a month. >> sean: as we look at these images and the reports and stories and the tsunami that follows, you see this is it like we you in the middle of this feeling this? >> reporter: i was 300 terse, 200 miles away. i've been in japan -- 14 years and i've never experienced anything like this earthquakes are not unusual, but this was really different. people here are will drilled. it was different. people were diving under tables, getting into doorways and small rooms. it was terrifying. >> sean: even the aftershocks were powerful. >> reporter: they were going on through the night. i couldn't get ho
so far. >> we're getting more as we're speaking to you now. and if you're just joining us, reports didn't grasp the magnitude of the destruction. >> we've heard quite a bit from the prime minister, urging people just to help each other now. he said the quake did cause major damage in a lot of areas but one thing they're worried about is that nuclear power plants. he said so far those were not affected and there is no radiation leaks. that is certainly a little bit of good news in all of of this. >> 4,000 miles away, the state of hawaii went into high alert. >> we've evacuated everything out of it. filing cabinets, computers and everything. we're boarding up windows. >> i am concerned. >> let's go to fred live in the newsroom. fred? >> we've been monitoring the situation not only in japan but here in the united states just so happens our own courtney freel is in hawaii just telephoned into us. courtney what is the situation there? >> my husband as, his family is here, we're down having dinner in waikiki in a popular restaurant. these japanese tourists were on their phones trying to
joining us. >> early reports didn't grasp the magnitude of destruction. >> we have heard from the prime minister urging people to just be patient and to help each other right now. he said that the quake did cause major damage in a lot of areas but one thing they were worried about was their nuclear power plants and he said that so far those were not affected and that there was no radiation leaks. and that is certainly a little bit of good news in all of this. >> attention, this is an emergency management message. >> 4,000 miles away in the pacific the state of hawaii went into high alert. >> evacuated. everything out of it. filing cabinets, computers, everything and we boarded up all of the windows. and i'm concerned. >> for more on this let's go to gregg jarrett live in the newsroom. greg? >> we have been monitoring the situation not only in japan but, of course, here in the united states just so happens that our own courtney friel is in hawaii and just telephoned in to us and courtney, what is the situation there? >> my husband his family is all here and we were down having dinner in
. is a u.s. aircraft carrier in japan nearby there and another one the president saying earlier friday, is on the way. other countries are offering assistance as well. the rebuilding and recovery of japan is going to take a long, long time and going to require a lot of help from a lot of people. >> they're going to need resources when you talk about our military vessels. they have things like onboard hospitals, supplies and food. things that people are going to need. there are people that they're not going to be rescued right away. you've got to have ways to get them something. a lot of times they'll drop in supplies people need. hopefully goitsing to help people to have things like our military and un offering their resources as well to try to help people. now, you can't think about recoverry. you take a look at pictures you've got people that need to be rescued and haven't been found. they're unaccounted for. >> if you've been in front of a television set or computer screen, you've seen a lot of these pictures people shot on their cell phones, and that show the moment one -- when the
sun rise here in japan about 190 miles north of us. at the reactor number two. remember, one in three had explosions over last four days. in overnight hours, just before sun rise, they were no longer able to get sea water into cover these fuel rods. for some reason they couldn't make it happen anymore ai. number of failed safes had broken down and two and a half meters were exposed, meaning they heated up quickly. and steam escaped. part of a building exploded around it, not so-to-say final containment area drks not to say nuclear radiation and part cells were sent flying into the air. so there was an explosion there. the tokyo electric power company that own that's facility says it evacuated a number of employees but leaving 50 employees behind. they thought this pressure would build and that they'd be able to contain knit a larger dome, around it. at this moment, all indications are that they were. in other words big catastrophe has been avoided. and rather than coming back down and over people going out to sea. right now they're monitoring this situation and have expanded zone
is the u.s. on the sidelines? >> don't tell me we can't do a no-fly zone over tripoli. >> sean: john edwards may be indicted soon. we are on the road to 2012, hannity starts right here, right now. tonight president obama's views on the tea party in america has been exposed.รง stunning excerpts from a new book reveal the president's belief that racism was in fact a deep seated motivation of the movement. the absurd assessment can be found in family of freedom, presidents and african-americans in the white house. according to the book at a private white house dinner in may of 2010 the president explained that race was wobbly a key component in the rising opposition to his presidency from conservatives, especially right wing activists in the tea party movement. rather than dispute that notion, president obama agreed and reportedly called racism the subterranean agenda of the movement. without a shred of evidence the president has no problem labeling the tea party as racist. in recent years he's been quick to if forgive racially insensitive remarks made by some on the left. remember whe
was not entirely extinguished. that as fears join us in a moment. first, radiation levels soaring after an explosion last night blew a 26 foot wide hole in the side of a reactor. yesterday's fire sent radioactive material spewing directly into the atmosphere. the government ordered 140,000 people living within 20 miles of the plant to seal themselves indoors. that's to decrease the risk of cancer from exposure to radiation. experts say radiation levels in tokyo are still 10 times higher than normal. fearful residents are fleeing by the thousands. on top of that aftershocks, blazes and tsunami alerts continue to playing the nation including another 6.4 quake that -- -- quake that struck last night. shepard spit is live again tonight in tokyo. shep, thanks for being with us. i watched the fox report. u spent a lot of time today. a hot has happened in the last 24 hours. these four plants that we're paying the most attention to, there's been a lot of developments today. >> shepard: especially this reactor number 4. it is significant for this reason, that reactor was off-line when this earth
for nato to take on the broader civilian protection mission, unrest lose 1973. >> sean: the u.s. will continue to lead the allied effort against gadhafi and the regime until transfer of power is complete. u.s. warplanes will continue strike missions. for the latest on the ground we go to steve harrigan live in tripoli. >> reporter: sean, for the sixth night in a row we've had more strikes and counterattacks. two loud explosions coming five hours ago. apparently, a military barracks east of tripoli was the target. anti-aircraft fire pup in the air, red tracer bullets filling the sky from mobile guns in the back of pick-up trucks in different parts around the city. a long shot for them to hit any of the jets in the sky. as far as the fighter jets, today a french jet knocked down the first libyan plane to try and violate that no-fly zone destroying that plane. finally, a battle is shaping up which will test these new rebel forces since they've gotten help from coalition airstrikes that battle is shaping up. rebel numbers are growing outside the city. they are armed large with rocke
don't be one. thanks for watching us tonight. please all remember, the spin stops right here. because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: a white house aide credits anointed one for the uprising in libya. mark steyn examines the disforred statements. the clock is ticking. is a government shutdown imminent? >> i'm concerned about the status of the cr. >> sean: dana perino and stuart varney react. gop rising star marco rubio is here with an important message for congress. tim pawlenty tells us why he is the best voice to challenge obama. we are on the road to 2012 and hannity starts right here, right now. the president's arrogance was on full display last night as he attempted to defend his decision to go to war in libya. it sounded more like a victory lap than anything else. amid his soaring rhetoric he credited himself with stopping gadhafi's army and preventing a massacre. we are learning an administration official is attempting to credit president obama with igniting the libyan uprising in t
. this compound has been the strike of several missile attacks recently. u.s. officials saying there is no plan to target qadhafi directly. the first snag in the no-fly zone a u.s. f-15 went down outside of benghazi the recollection stronghold in eastern libya. both pilots were able to safely eject. one was rescued immediately by coalition forces the other was helped by local libyans loyal to the rebels. both of those soldiers out of the country with minor injuries. there is a heavy balance shaping up around misrata, 125 miles from here. government forces are dug in, attack civilians, according to the admiral in charge of the operation who says all options are on the table for them as far as the rebels go you can hear them shout allahu akbar on the tape. one thing we know it has been a hotbed of unrest and many are used to send anti-western fighters to iraq and afghanistan. >> sean: thanks steve. as attacks rage on some are beginning to ask who are the rib libyan rebels america is supporting? the anti-qadhafi rebels have direct ties to al-qaeda. andy mccarthy at national review on sign cites a
when writing to us. beautiful day down here in palm beach, florida. we are doing a benefit tonight for crime victims. thanks for watching. the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: confusion remains over who is in over the libyan operation. charles krauthammer is here. >> unrest in the mideast spreading through syria. fears grow saudi arabia could be next. >> bolster frank luntz joins us to break down the anointed one's doublespeak on the conflict in libya. homeland security secretary napolitano says border security is better than ever. oh really? our cameras were there. you won't believe what we saw. we are on the road to 2012, hannity starts right here, right now. if you want to know what a war conducted from the ivory tower of the ivy league looks like. it took 31 days of hand-wringing to cobble together authorization of force in libya. it doesn't seem that resolution is worth the price of paper it was principled on there. is little agreement over allied force. britain said nato. france wanted to take the reins itself. germany oppose both
. shepard spit is live again tonight in tokyo. shep, thanks for being with us. i watched the fox report. you spent a lot of time today. a hot has happened in the last 24 hours. p of developments today. >> shepard: especially this reactor number 4. it is significant for this reason, that reactor was , though ween can't be for certain. it would appear that what happened was the water went so low that the spent fuel rods overheated. that made the water in the containment pool boil. when it boiled it released steam, with the steam went out radioactive material that guess into the air that's yesterday local time when this fire happened. the tokyo electric power company and the tell us that fire is out. and it goes away. all of a sudden, today, our time, wednesday in tokyo, there's a tweet in a report from a report bbc that says there's been another explosion at unit 4. we can't track that down. a few hours later, boom, a fire at number 4. the same spot that was off-line before. the same spot with the fuel rods and the release of the steam this time they can't get enough water to put it out. when
portrayed as using the nuclear option. what did you make of all of this mayhem, michael moore and jesse jackson say will continue? >> i got asked that question about the process that was used yesterday and today. i said people should be upset at the dirty tribs done by those 14 senate democrats. for three weeks they've -- they've abandoned their job and the people they represent. and they decided that somehow the minority could rule on this we showed we could move in bill forward. we reached out to many so of the reasonable ones. their leader showed they had no interest in doing anything but shutting this bill down. thankfully the legislature stood up to those tactics. >> sean: scott fitz jarrell said the situation at the capitol -- scott fitzgerald said the situation at the capitol sun safe. there are reports that many have been targeted for death threats. they were protesting outside of your home. can you bring us up to speed on that? >> they've been protesting where they've come in front of my home, in front of lawmakers' homes in the end this is not how we do things in wisconsin. we
, to have citizens who understand this is going to take a lot of us for a long time, working together. there will be many more chances to have conversations. i wanted to give you that. i think you will have more than enough to write about the in near future. >> sean: the former speaker was a bit cryptic yesterday. tonight, we've got the man himself right here to help set the record straight. mr. spiker good to be here. >> sean: mr. president? >> that's up to god and the american people. calista and i were grateful yesterday we the governor and lt. governor and speaker of the house, all three with us. all three supportive of what we are doing. at this point we have an exploratory website. newt to color 2010 .com -- newt to explore i think it is very daunting but also very exciting. >> sean: there are reasons why you took this step rather than an exploratory committee. can you talk about that? >> technically under the election commission it doesn't matter. exploratory process whether you have a committee or not. we are in the process of wrapping up several things in our busine
. friday's quake knocked out the cooling system efforts to cool the meting rods using thousands of gallons of seawater are ongoing. on japan's eastern seaboard is being described as a tide of bodies. estimated 2,000 victims have washed ashore. crematoriums in the region are filled. authorities are scrambling to locate body bags. the official death toll is mounting a police chief said an estimated 10,000 are believed to be dead in his province alone. food and water shortages are complicated -- are complicating this crisis. temperatures near freezing as millions are without power. let me bring in shepard smith live in tokyo. >> shepard: sean, good morning from folk yo. just past 10 a.m. here. we are getting new information about how they believe this most recent explosion happened. happened just after sunrise here in japan 190 miles to the north of us at the fukushima reactor number 2. 1 and 3 already had explosions over the last four days if in the overnight hours before sunrise, they were no longer able to get seawater in to cover these nuclear fuel rods. they couldn't make the process hap
of a nuclear meltdown in japan escalated today. the water in a pool used to cool the fuel rods dried up completely. shepard smith will join us live from tokyo in just a minute. also, juan williams will join me to discuss the president's lack of leadership in this crisis and others. major show down between michelle bachmann and anthony weiner. >> first in japan here's what we know. when that water dries up officials say the temperature in those reactors will increase putting officials on alert for melting fuel rods and suns -- and explosions. american authorities say the pool is out of water. japanese officials are denying those reports. tepco the operator of the nuclear plant says it is nearing completion of a new powerline that would restore electricity and revive the ability to cool the troubled reactors. once finished officials say they will try it as soon as possible. will that be soon enough? joining me on all of this, shep smith is live in tokyo. shep, this is just actually crossing the wires now as we come on the air. apparently helicopters are dropping in fact, water on the faci
detected in the air fill system and luggage, it was also detected on passengers. u.s. customs officials are denying that. dhs has started screening passengers and cargo coming into l.a.x. from japan. as the golden state braces for a potentially dangerous radioactive plume coming from japan. the united states projects the plume will drift across the pacific hitting the aleutian islands first then southern california, late tomorrow. joining me on this and more is shepard smith. shep, every 24 hours there there's a lot of news developing. of course the fear this worst-case scenario about the reactors is the latest? >> shepard: the latest is me may be close to a fix at least they hope so. been working on this powerline. it amounts to a 6/10 of a mile line extension cord, if you will. from the main grid to the reactor number 2 at the fukushima nuclear plant. the hope is they will get that back online. they've been telling us the last hour they are hoping to have it done within the next couple of hours that would allow them to put water automatically on to the rods the nuclear fuel rods so pe
in libya is something that has got to end. >> it is time for gadhafi to go. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. >> in is not about going after gadhafi himself. >> what is in our interests is working with the international community to stop an urgent humanitarian crisis. then working over time through a set of pressure tools with a coalition to increasingly isolate and put pressure on gadhafi. sean the author of "the new york times" best seller, courage and cons -- and consequence. karl rove. he can make a decision. >> incoherent. >> sean: get gadhafi, no. u.s. policy to go after gadhafi. it is not our policy to go after gadhafi. now the president says we are out in a week. >> right. this has been incoherent what is gravely dangerous is, if the president of the united states said as he said february 28th, repeated on the 3rd of march, that muammar gadhafi has to go and he does not. the prestige of the united states will be injured. our allies will be discombobulated and our adversaries will be energized. the president has mishandled this. i think they did the right thin
more? left wing media uses the tea party to divide the gop. >> is the tea party chasing the broader gop off the cliff? >> sean: will their strategy work? frank luntz is here with the answer. >> congress has until march 18th to avoid a government shutdown. congresswoman bachmann is here with the latest from d.c.. >> >> sean: plus, charlie sheen is back on the small screen broadcasting bizarre web videos. we are on the road to 2012, hannity starts right here, right now. more bad news for americans. with summer around the corner oil prices spiked to almost $107 a barrel, up 26% from flee weeks ago. once again this administration is standing on the sidelines. -- when asked whether the president would tap into our strategic reserves? >> the issue of the reserves is one we are considering. it is something that only is done -- has been done on rare occasions. there's a bunch of factors that have to be looked at. >> sean: as the white house considers its options get ready to empty your wallet at the gas pump. that's not the only frightening news. geithner delivered this sobering message to cong
wants. because the tea party wants to stick to hr-1 with its [ bleep ] draconian extreme. i use the word extreme that's what the caucus instructed know do, extreme cuts and all these riders. boehner is in a box. if he supports the tea party there is going to be a shutdown. >> sean: chuck didn't know reporters were listening. here's howard dean rooting for a government shutdown for political purposes, while the country is under debt. >> from a partisan point of view, i think it would be the best anyone in the world to have a shutdown. all these tea party people are dependent on social security and medicare, when those checks stop coming the constituency basketball lower after the fiasco in wisconsin. >> you would like a shutdown? >> if i was head of the dnc i would be quietly rooting for it. i know who is going to get blamed. we've been down this road before. >> we are facing a grave conditional crisis. our political leadership on the democrat side is playing cheap political games. >> hang on a second, -- >> they do nothing. they are the ones, sir, they are the ones who are partially resp
escalates, qadhafi vows to fight to the bitter end and threatens the u.s. to stay out. hannity starts right here, right now. tonight governor kasich's budget bill cleared a major hurdle today. ohio state senate passed the bill by 17-16. this week we've seen massive protests again the bill. -- against the bill. ohio's bill goes further than the measure pushed by governor walker in wisconsin. the ohio bill bans strikes by employees. the bill also does away with unions, collective bargaining rights on health care, sick time and pension. ohio's unions are out of luck unlike in wisconsin the state's democratic lawmakers aren't hiding out. the bill heads to the republican controlled house then to governor kasich for his signature. joining me with reaction to the mayhem in ohio are a republican senator and a democrat gentlemen, welcome. you are the democrat here, your complaint is, this is a collective bargaining repeal. that's your biggest complaint? >> that's true. the way that collective bargaining is set up for public employees is unfair. they've moved from the final arbitrator, the final pers
this was vivian, i believe -- no i'm sorry an npr executive. they used to describe themselves as national palestinian radio. let's roll this tape. >> sean: that was the ron schiller one. the pro-zionist view that they own the newspapers, obviously. playing into a false narrative caricature and anti-semitic view. >> of course it is anti-semitic. he's sitting with who he thinks are members of the muslim brotherhood in america. is peter king still doing his investigations? they ought to throw this into it. npr sitting down about to accept five millions from the muslim brotherhood. and james o'keefe has done more to destroy liberalism in america than any wisconsin republicans. >> sean: another tape is coming out tomorrow this is not the only one. >> good forroff keefe. i gettoff keefe -- good for o'keefe. however did this cannot work for republicans any more. if you are a mid western governor -- >> sean: you are being aly harsh here. he took a stand. >> the biggest fight in our country's lifetime spending us through the roof, chris christie wouldn't have -- [ unintelligible ] >> sean: your ob
that's it for us tonight. spout off about the factor when writing do not be callow. i am bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: national public radio executive caught on tape in a bigoted hate-filled rant. juan williams is here with reaction. >> as the budget battle heats up, key senate democrats bail on the anointedded one. >> the president must lead. not the majority leader or speaker, but the president. >> sean: sorry charlie. cbs tells the hollywood bad boy to hit the road. he responds with yet another bizarre internet rant. >> last fall he took the political world by storm. >> rent is too damn high. >> sean: he's here and armed with a new party and new slogan. we are on the road to 2012 and hannity starts right here, right now. if national public radio has not tarnished its image and reputation, it has hit a new low. fired npr contributor juan williams will be here in a moment. first, the new video shows ou
is the budget? he gives us the details. >> the crisis in the mideast escalates. the administration finally says qadhafi must go. >> it is time for district attorney district attorney to go, now! -- it is time for district attorney district attorney to go, now! >> sean: we are on the road to 2012 and hannity starts right here, right now. less tan 24 hours from now pink slips may be -- handed out to hunts in wisconsin that was the firm warning -- you'd by governor walker over the weekend. walker made it clear the time for playing games over and the time to vote on his budget is right now. >> those 14 senators need to come bark. they need to come back and do their job. >> if they don't governor, how does this end? >> i'm an i optimist. as much as i understand there's passion in america that's great. in the end, i believe that those at least some of those state senators will come back. if we fail to pass this bill tuesday we lose 165 million dollars worth of savings. if we continue down that path we start seeing lay-offs. >> sean: tomorrow the governor plans to layout his budget proposal. as offic
to what the tea party wants. the tea party wants to stick to hl 1 with its extreme, i use the word extreme. cuts and all of the riders and boehner is in a box. >> chucky didn't know reporters are listening. former dnc chair rooting for political purpose autos from a partisan point of view it would be the best thing in the world. tea party people are dependent on other things and checks start coming they're consistent and going to go lower than it has been after the fiasco. >> you'd like a shut down? >> not have fr a statesman like point of view. but if i was head of the dnc i'd be quietly rooting for it. >> look. we're facing a grave financial crisis. and our political leadership on the democrats' side is playing cheap political games. >> and i know the public -- it's your fault. you're to blame. they do nothing. and they're the ones who are partially responsible for the mess we're n yes, the plan is a trillion dollars. endless spending. there is a deficit. >> you're too serious. he you know there was a surplus when george w bush came to office. and secondly republicans are playing politic
's republican governor john kasich. thanks for being with us. >> good to see you. >> sean: your predecessor, strickland referred to you as a tyrant. compared to what scott walker is being called, maybe you are not living up to the walker tradition, you haven't been called hitler yet. >> deal is ohio, we've lost 600,000 jobs in the last 10 years. 400,000 jobs in the last four years. a third of our college students leave after three years. the city of cincinnati, you are going be to stunned, lost 40% of its population since 1950, youngstown and cleveland lost half their population of the a lot of job creators leave because they are looking to get lower costs. with this collective bargaining bill is all part of a major reform package that i'm going to introduce mar 15th. you want to be there and look at this package. we'll be reforming higher ed to k-12 education, medicaid to the way our prisons work. all these are part of a package to set a stage for entrepreneurship, risk taking and job creation so ohio can be prosperous again. all i'm fight something joblessness and poverty. i'm going to do
from anywhere in the world, when writing to us, do not be mordant. remember the spin stops right here this pen. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: fox news alert. nine days into the allied military campaign against gadhafi, president obama tonight finally addressed the american people. this long overdue speech came after more than a month of confusion and mixed messages from the administration and officials in the administration. speaking in washington the commander in chief used his time to pat himself on the back for what he called swift action. despite being silent on the issue for weeks he now argues he was in complete control all along. oh really? >> the president: in just one month the united states has worked with our international partners to mobilize a broad coalition, secure an international mandate to protect civilians. stop an advancing army. prevent a massacre. and establish a no-fly zone with our allies and partners. to lend perspective on how rapidly this military and diplomatic response came together. when people were being brutal
. is it possible they can regain that ground, considering a loty of the airpower that qadhafi was using has been taken from him. does that give them a chance to get back in the game? we would have been better off to have done this 10, 12 days ago? >> reporter: their position would have been much stronger when they were almost taking the capital. it depends on how closely they work with allied airpower this is a 600 mile desert road. whoever has airpower on their side will win the battle. >> sean: thanks steve. the president has made much of the fact this war is a multi-national effort. not all countries are onboard. china has voiced its disapproval. russia's putin has distinguished himself as the most outspoken critic of the new war. today he condemned the u.n. resolution that authorized force: the resolution is defective, flawed it allows everything, resembles me evil calls for crusades. joining me with analysis is the host of war stories, colonel north. i don't care what putin thinks or china thinks or anybody else thinks. i am concerned that a president and administration, if you look at this
Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)